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Business Communication


Management is about process. Leadership is about people. Sparking enthusiasm and commitment demands conviction (vision and dedication), trust (moral values, responsibility, fairness and constancy) and talent, which is basically hard work (presence, communication et psychology). We can coach you on most of these.

Public speaking

Whether you need to make a speech for a crowd of 500 or do a TV interview, we train you to handle these with confidence. We work on you (stress control, talking skills, presence, media training) and your message (content and style).


A pitch is a decisive moment: This is weeks and even months of thorough preparation that need to be condensed and delivered in 30 minutes to persuade and win over an agreement and/or a signature. Let's work on your next pitch !

Change management

Your organizational change will not be a success just because the move is relevant. You will need to communicate, involve people desperately hanging to status quo, and factually prove that you are on the right path. There is a pretty straight forward (and recognized) way to help you deal with this delicate transition phase. Let's talk about it.

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