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Critical Communication


Not only conflicts are a a true pain at a personal level, they also threaten to destabilize your teams and damage your organization's productivity. As advisors or mediators, we can help you understand and diffuse conflicts.


Crisis management is about anticipation and reaction. We can assist you in both. 1) Crisis prevention: auditing, preparing for, and monitoring. 2) Crisis handling: key actions, communication, and sometimes, getting stronger out of it.


Maximizing a negotiation outcome is not just about thoroughly understanding the negotiation process, the balance of power, and human psychology. It is also about generating creative options that bring value to all parties, We can advise, prepare and assist you on all these matters.

Sensitive issues

It is always a challenge to be heard as we expect to be when it comes to sensitive issues. What are sensitive matters ? Rejected ideas, unwanted projects, conflicting interests or worse, values, just to name a few. Here, truly caring and understanding your stakeholders is a prerequisite to make sure the job of explaining and framing is not manipulatory.

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