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Strategic Communication

Corporate identity

Type of business, philosophy, values, vision... What is your organization's DNA ? What is your corporate image ? We build or strengthen your corporate and brand identity and develop a coherent, positive and attractive image.


How can you stand out in an over-competitive environment where people's attention is so scarce and distracted ?

By positioning your offer as a unique and expected (counter-intuitive) value proposition. Let's talk about it.


The word "influence" scares people as it is seen as manipulation. This not the case if you actually care about your stakeholders. This is where we start to build your influence. We then plan your communication operations, pick the right words and images, and analyse the best transmission channels and relays. 

Reputation management

Your organization's reputation is one of your most precious asset. It takes time to grow but can be wiped away in seconds. We work on the perception of your offers the quality of your service, We then set up a monitoring and risk prevention process to protect and preserve your reputation..

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